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    stainles steel screw/combination screw/step screw

    About HongSheng
    Hongsheng screws do screws to create a brand, manufacturers directly customized bolt fasteners of al
    Years of work experience
    Since its establishment in 1996, the company has been guided by the following principles: With the management concept of "create brand with heart", our products are sold in distant markets at home and abroad.
    Manufacturers specializing in the customization of various stainless steel carbon steel non-standard
    Support for custom
    The company's production range is wide, involving iron, copper, stainless steel and other materials of screws, At the same time according to customer requirements design and development of various screws, shaped parts and related hardware components.
    Various screws inspection tension test salt spray test torque test optical screening
    Strict inspection
    Our company can produce products conforming to GB,JIS,ISO,DIN, Various fasteners for standards such as ANSI
    Company profile
    Hongsheng screw professional electronic screw 30 years
    Fine carving, such as silk quality, quality selection
    The company has advanced production equipment, complete testing equipment and high-quality staff. In 2002, it obtained the ISO international quality management system certification. Since the establishment of the company, we have been in line with the "carefully do screw" business philosophy. We can produce different international standards according to customers' special requirements, such as GB,JIS,ISO,DIN,ANSI screws made of iron, copper, stainless steel, etc. Our products include stainless steel screws, long screws,self-tapping screws, machine screws, Thread forming screws, step screws, customized screws of non-standard parts.Our products are widely used in home appliances, electrical appliances, toys, tools, computer equipment, construction, furniture and other industries.

    • 16
      Stainless steel screw
    • 21
      Self-tapping screw
    • 16
      Machine screw
    • 5
      Thread forming screw
    • 4
      step screw
    • 16
      Stainless steel screw
    • 21
      Self-tapping screw
    • 16
      Machine screw

    Our Team
    Shantou Hongshengbolt screw fastener sales team
    We have an excellent team of professionals

    Contact person:SHIRELY

    Hongsheng screw industrial co., LTD., located in shantou special economic zone with beautiful environment and convenient traffic, is equipped with advanced production equipment and precise testing machine, and draws professionals from various fields, and passed iso quality management system certification in 2000. Since its establishment, the company in the spirit of: carefully do screws, carefully create brand "business philosophy, products sold at home and abroad, by all industries manufacturers and people from all walks of life agreed and praise. At present, we have designated suppliers for many large enterprises in China. Our factory with high quality technology, high quality quality, high quality service, welcome customers to visit. Work together for career development.

    Honorary Certificate
    The stainless steel step screws and triangular tooth screws produced by Hongshengbolt have obtaine
    Hongshengbolt through ISO9001 quality management system
    The stainless steel long screw produced by Hongshengbolt has obtained the utility model invention

    Prodcut Categories
    Machine tooth screw series
    Self tapping locking screw with three edges
    Self tapping screw series
    Combination of screws
    • Stainless steel
    • self tapping screw
    • machine screw
    • Thread forming screw
    • Non-standard screw
    • long screw
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